Heads up: new phishing scam going around, watch out

For the last couple of months, we’ve periodically gotten emails that look like someone who’s either interested in booking a room, or confused about an existing room booking reservation. Examples:

Monosnap Front 2024-06-27 09-09-44

This one felt like a confused person, thinking we were a hotel (or possibly confusing us for an actual hotel they booked at).

I responded to say that we weren’t a hotel and never heard back.

A couple of weeks later, we got THIS one:

Monosnap Front 2024-06-27 09-07-51

Looks a lot more like the kind of emails we often get, but a little suspicious because we don’t publicly offer room bookings of any kind to non-members. It was also over the upcoming July 4th holiday, so it seemed a little suspicious.

I responded again with a canned reply to say that we aren’t the right spot for them but wish them well, and a day later got this response that had similar themes to the hotel one:

Monosnap Front 2024-06-27 09-12-52

This was obviously a scam since we aren’t on booking.com, and when I hovered over the link it was shown that it actually linked to a fake URL:

Monosnap Front 2024-06-27 09-13-57

I opened that link in a secure environment to avoid any danger and found that it was indeed a faked booking.com page designed to capture login information.

We reported the email and domain, which appears to have already been taken offline, but figured I’d share in case this helps someone avoid getting hacked!

Make sure you alert your staff as well!