Have you used RIALTO? Space Marketing Platform

Hey Guys,

A growth marketer from RIALTO ( https://www.getrialto.com/ ) has reached out to me to explain the benefits of what seems to be a new space marketer tool to assist with listing spaces and joint managing space inventory with real estate brokers that you may work within your area.

It seems that this is a newish company and I was wondering if anyone had had experience using the platform and could comment on their experience so far?


Hello, I’m Kathleen from BluePoint Brussels. I use Rialto to follow up on my requests and quotations and to keep track of all my contacts. I know that the Rialto platform offers a lot more possibilities than just this but this was the reason for us to work with them. The fact that they regularly update all the real estate brokers about the available space and changes in our Business Centers is the greatest advantage.

Rialto is really useful as we rent a lot of small spaces and that the turnover is high (short term contracts). Rialto give us reach to a ton of brokers without us having to hunt them.
On top of that, the site is functional and well designed
COO of Co.Station

good to know, thanks for the feedback