Has anyone information on city municipalities partnering with private coworking space?

Hi Everyone,

I have opened and been operating HIVE44 Business Coworking Center for almost 3 years. We are doing quite well… I finally have found someone within my city government that ALMOST has a clue to the benefit of coworking in their city. I am wanting to work with them and “let” them use the space as a marketing plan start ups and entrepreneurs to the city.

I do not want money from them I want their support…

Anyway…I was asked if there were other cities that did this? How do those cities participate?

Problem is I am the only coworking center in the county we live in…there are a few in the city limits of St. Louis, but not the county…We are located in an incorporated city of Fenton…it is the officials of the City of Fenton I need information for…

So any ideas? Has anyone had support from their city officials? Is there any archived topics about this? Links I can use to persuade them or educate them?

I know I will have to go in front of the Alderman and City Attys… so any help is truly appreciated…

HIVE44 Business Center

Fenton Mo.