Hallo from Berlin!

Hallo everyone!

Aya here from the center of Berlin where I’m enjoying my post-lunch cup of fresh coffee straight from the kitchen of The Place Berlin where I just started working a couple of weeks ago as a Community Manager (Sorry Alex, we are still using this term).

Although I’ve worked in different hubs, and even built one (in Dubai), I can’t help but feel like a newbie here for some reason, maybe it’s the different work atmosphere and culture.

As the coworking space is going through some changes (The whole core team has changed in the past couple of months), I am trying to make positive changes around the house, and this blog with the Slack channel is going to be my main source of cool ideas and successful models. So thank you all in advance :hugs:

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Hi and welcome, Aya!

How cool to be entering a new phase of your coworking life. I totally understand how it feels new all over again. :slight_smile: Stepping in during a time of great change is intimidating but really exciting all at once. I hope you are enjoying your time and are being sure to take good care of yourself in the process!

Be well,