Greetings from the South Coast of Ireland!

Hi Everyone,

from a wet and windy day on the South Coast of Ireland!

I wanted to introduce myself as a new member.

I’m a full-time employed R&D project manager looking into, on a voluntary basis, the development of a community co-working space in our small town.

Our little community has a population of approx. 5,000 with a high percentage of commuting employees to large multi-national employers within a 20 km range of the town. The town suffers from some dilapidation as apart from one shop and many pubs :grinning: there are few commercial interests!

I was initially asked to look at this a year ago as a means to create a commercial entity in the Town.

There was a potential building available to us at that time but it recently went sale agreed. We still have the possibility to convert a derelict building but no definite confirmation.

It may not be possible but I am therefore trying to create a business plan proposal for initially 10-12 co-working space, a meeting room facility (that could be rented by community interests), and offer some digital services to the community in general - all without knowing the architectural boundaries!

I’ve joined the community to gain some insights and if anyone one else has attempted to build a co-working space business plan around a non-existent building I’d appreciate the feedback!

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Hello - I’m from Dublin (currently in Barcelona, Spain) (due to covid) - yes the weather is nice, yes I miss Dublin chinese take aways and proper guinnesses.