Greetings from Humpolec

Hi, my name is Vit and I’m a co-founder of the cowork in the small-town Humpolec (10 thousands inhabitants), in the center of the Czech Republic.

I’ve attended a great coworking symposium taking place today. We try in our place almost all that was mentioned in the speeches. :slight_smile: We have shared office for freelancers, remote employers are using it as well, we organize at least one event per week (COVID stopped us for a couple of months), we are in touch with local schools, municipality. We co-organize breakfasts with a mayor in the cowork, host local business club etc.

The part of our cowork is also a cafeteria, where are handicapped people employed. We are officially a cooperative entity and we have status of social enterprise.

We’ll be happy to be part of the global network!

More about us: (Hopefully will be available also in English soon. :))