Green Coworking Alliance

Hi Coworking Members,

Our team and a couple of other coworking spaces are interested in working to create a coworking alliance for independent, green coworking spaces. We would like to open it up to this group too. The idea is that together we can further the green movement by showcasing our spaces, our green member businesses and environmental ideas for our spaces. If you are interested - you can check it out here:

I started Green Spaces in 2008 in Brooklyn and then in Denver. I am passionate about the green movement and want to connect with other green coworking networks so we can further this movement. I believe that coworking spaces are a great place to do that. We are planning on announcing it on Earth Day of this year.

Let me know if you have ideas, questions or want to get involved!

Warm regards,


Hi Jennie. We are under construction in Lakewood Ranch, FL and am interested in learning more. I tried to register but not sure it submitted.