Great article about how office-as-a-service is transforming the commercial real estate market

Hi everyone,

My name is Sophie and I work as Front of House and Marketing Analyst at RocketSpace, a coworking space (you guessed it!) for tech startups in San Francisco’s Financial District. We recently published a thought leadership piece I thought you guys might find interesting, called From Discs to Desks: How Commercial Real Estate Is Being Transformed By Office-as-a-Service. In it, we draw a parallel between the evolution of SaaS and office space.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic! (Either here, or on the blog post itself - whatever works!)

Looking forward to being a part of your community :slight_smile:


Hey Sophie,

Thanks for sharing the article. You contextualized sharing resources well, bringing multiple trends together under a single umbrella.

You mentioned that office-as-service comprises 1% of commercial real estate in SF and has grown 40%. I am interested in learning what the landscape looks like in Philadelphia. What sort of data sets did you use to find that number?

By the way, I visited RocketSpace while collecting data for my graduate research out in SF. Small world.