Good to be here!

All the way from Nigeria…the coworking community is growing very fast here.

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Hey @Cowork_king that’s cool!

Besides fast-growing, how would your describe coworking in Nigeria? What kinds of people are joining? What do you think might be unique to Nigeria that isn’t obvious to those like me who have never been?

I’m very curious to learn more!

Hi @alex good to connect with you. The coworking space industry growth in Nigeria is hinged on three main factors (electricity, building aesthetics/functionality and internet) which are mostly unavailable. Hence, any operator who does well to provide these consistently and to standards finds good market automatically, especially for the 5 main commercial cities.

Enterprise members drives the most growth with private offices but there is also a huge number of solo founders and tech entrepreneurs filling our spaces. Beyond Regus, there are about 75 indigenous and single location (averagely small to mid-sized) coworking spaces across the country.

A fact worth taking note of is that Nigeria’s population will be the the 3rd largest in the world by 2050 and as remote/nomadic work culture increases due to internet penetration and of digital devices, coworking is expected to grow exponentially. Let’s keep the conversation on.