Global Startup Ecosystem map including Coworking places

Hi Eli,

Thanks for sharing what you’re working on.

I’m part of the team over at Open Coworking and the project I lead is called the Open Coworking Map. We’re planning to roll out in the next 3-4 weeks as In the meantime, we’re prototyping the site here:

Still has a bit of work to be done but the concept is there. Each city has a local curator to maintain the list of coworking spaces in their city. Because no one can be in 5000 places at once and because not all 5000+ coworking spaces in the world would ever all opt-in on their own, we think this is the best approach to creating an accurate and all-inclusive list.

Our goal with the project is very simple: to finally create a locally curated updated list of all the coworking spaces in the world. We plan to offer all of our data for free as a JSON for apps like StartupBlink to use. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping your data current and you can focus specifically on your application.

Please let me know privately or publicly if this is a relationship you’re interested in exploring.

To anyone else who happens to see this, please let me know if you’re interested too! Either because you have an application that would find this data useful or to become an open coworking map curator for your city!




On Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 11:09:22 AM UTC-6, Eli David wrote:

Hi all,
My name is Eli, co-founder of Startubplink ( ), and a co-working addict, I have coworked in 20 countries so far.

We are now building a global directory/map of the Startup Ecosystem, including Coworking spaces, with the goal of not only putting the info out there, but also create inter active engagement via blinks, which are news distributed by the entities to the ecosystem.

We have thousands of entities and have received a lot of publicity lately from Forbes, Guy Kawasaki, The next web and 30 other magazines, but are still struggling on how to get users to get back to the site more often. As Coworking owners, it would be great to get some ideas from you, this is the direct link to the coworking tab