Glass studios- viability and cost in UK

Greetings from the UK. I’m after some advice please from anyone who can give me any information/help on setting up a new space to include small glass fronted (or entirely glass) cubicles. I’ve done a ton of research on the market in my new location and the overwhelming desire for the workspace element is for a combination of individual 1/2/3 person studios/cubicles and shared tables/touchdown desks/permanent desks within a shared area (plus lots of other coworking goodies).

When I was in New York I visited one of the WeWork locations, and they’d done this to the max- squeezing in the most possible all glass cubicles (no more than 50-75 sq ft at the most) around a maze of narrow corridors, and a small central social area. I don’t want to go this far, but equally when we’ve had glass suppliers down to site, they claim that we need to have fairly large studios which look more like executive offices to me. They don’t seem to think that these tiny studios would work. Would really like to see for myself if and how they work here in the UK, and would like any tips on where this format works at spaces in London. I know WeWork are down there and we’re off to see them, and I will head to see a Hot Office at some point, but if anyone knows of any other locations that would be worth checking out we’d be hugely appreciative. We’re planning a tour of London on the 26th May, so really want to see the most relevant spaces we can.

Also, on a similar subject, glass studios are EXPENSIVE to supply and fit. There are a huge number of listings for second hand glass on eBay, some offering delivery and install too. Is it worth even considering using second hand stuff, especially considering that every building is different? Not easy when talking to glass suppliers, who obv just want to sell more glass!

Thanks for any help anyone can give