Getting ready to open up public registration

Hey @migration-squad!

My original plan was to get the historic archive categorization finished BEFORE opening registration to the public, but for a few technical reasons I’m considering a slight change of plans and opening registration sooner!

I’m working on a public “roadmap” that will include “freezing” the google group to new posts and having everything new happen over here. I’ll be looking for feedback/questions on that roadmap soon, so stay tuned :smiley:

Before we open this forum to the public and moving all activity here from the google group, I’m looking for any obvious “bumps” that you ran into while getting onboarded here on the new site. Things that were confusing, things you learned but weren’t obvious, etc.

I think we’re pretty darn close, but I figured if y’all had any notes or thoughts now would be a good time to hear them!

BTW, this doesn’t change the need for volunteers to help with the categorization project…we’re about 25% complete and I def would like to see more action there over the next week. :pray:

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Thanks so much, Alex! Other than getting used to a new format, this has gone pretty darned well.

I’ll dive in and do some more categorizing today!


no bumps when I onboarded

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@alex tried helping with the archive categorization effort tonight but am not seeing the little wrench you mentioned in your video. Can’t seem to edit. I am logged in and I do see that I’m associated with the migration squad in my profile. Let me know what you think; perhaps I’m missing something.

Hey Adam - you should be able to see the wrench now!

I’ve been onboarding folks with moderation permissions one by one, and by request, just to help me keep things organized. You are a mod now so you should be good to go!

Let me know if you have any questions once you’re in :smile: