GCUC Coworking Space Tours

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to each of you who responded and are volunteering your space for a tour. So far I have the following spaces signed up:

NextSpace Berkeley
SkyDeck Berkeley, UC Berkeley
Impact Hub Berkeley
Port Workspaces
OakStop Coworking
WeWork Berkeley
Impact Hub Oakland
Tech Liminal
Sanbox Suites Berkeley
NextSpace SF
WeWork SF
Hub SF
Third Workplace
RockIT CoLabs
NextSpace US

**If you’re not on this list and want to be, please let me know by the end of day today! **

The tour date is May 8th, the time is after the end of the unconference at 1:10pm, ending between 5-5:30.

I am also looking for a few additional tour guides in SF and East Bay. If you’d like to lead a tour of 2-3 coworking spaces, please let me know!

North Bay, South Bay and Far East Bay- We’d love to visit you too and see your awesome spaces. Alas there are so many awesome coworking places here in Norther California that we need a whole weekend just to tour them all! We will have to settle with hanging with you at the conference and after-party!


On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 1:55 PM, Iris [email protected] wrote:


I am organizing the Coworking space tours for the 2015 Global Coworking Unconference which is being held in Berkeley this year. On Friday, May 8 we will have about 200 people touring spaces in the East Bay and San Francisco. Depending on the funding for transportation, we would also like to organize a tour down the Peninsula.

**If you are interested in having your space participate in the tours please confirm with me by Friday, February 27. **

Here’s how we expect the tours to work as of right now:

  • Copass will be providing their team members, clad in super cool Copass jumpsuits, to lead each of the tours
  • We will have 10 tours, 6-7 in SF, 3 in the East Bay and possibly 1 down the Peninsula
  • Each tour will have a capacity of 20 people
  • Each tour will visit 3-4 spaces
  • Transportation will be via Bart/Muni/East Bay buses and ferries, with the exception of the Peninsula, which will require a van
  • The SF tours will be neighborhood based and mostly walking tours
  • Each tour will last approximately 25-45 minutes
    If you’re wanting to host a tour, here’s some ideas and best practices to have in place when people enter your space:
  1. Notify your members that a large tour is coming through and encourage them to say hi to the tourees
  2. Make sure you are staffed with someone who can answer business and community questions. Our tourees are curious and want to know about why you designed your space the way you did, what your member interactions are like and what types of events you hold, among other things
  3. Consider offering nibbles likes cookies or crackers and cheese; beverages, both alcohol and non alcoholic and showing off your best “hospitality selves”
  4. It’s good idea to make sure there is an open space that can comfortably fit 20 people gathered together to ask you questions

We’d love to get a variety of spaces on the tour list, so if you have relationships with makers spaces, coworking kitchens or other please let me know!



Iris Kavanagh



Go in Peace

~ Iris Kavanagh