GCUC: Coworking AirBnB House, Part II?

My fellow Coworking Colleagues-

I’m resending this as I just got word that the house I am hoping to book is getting other inquiries. She is willing to hold the house for another week without me booking, but I guess it is time to fish or cut bait.

Last year a group of us from all over the world booked an awesome little place in Austin and colived, coworked, and corocked GCUC thru part of SXSW. I am exploring booking the same house for a period of 4-7 days during the same time, possibly the 4th - 10th.

I was wondering if there was interest in sharing a house from this group, and if so, would like to start building my list. Last year we had up to 8 of us in the house at any one time, but also had people staying just a day or two as their schedule needed. We were able to keep the rates pretty reasonable; I’m expecting that charges per guest would be $500 for 7 days of lodging in the house. I know that is a chunk of change, especially with GCUC being a 2 day event, but I know a fair number of people also tried to attend a day or two of SXSW during the following weekend. I’ll also be using my time there as a chance to get a way and work on a few projects that won’t get done if I am in my normal grind. Think of it as a productivity coRetreat!

If the group isn’t interested in the flexibility 7 days of lodging gives us, we could also look at a 4-5 day stay, likely the 4th through the 8th. I would need to work with the owner on pricing on this as with SXSW they are trying to book 1 week stays as much as possible.

Shoot me a response if you want to join our group. Could I hear from you, even if moderately interested, by Thursday, November 8?

Thanks & God Bless,

Joel Bennett

Chief Dreamchaser

Veel Hoeden


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