Fresh off the coworking presses, with community as the focus!

Two big (and pretty great) feature-length pieces in the last week, both featuring quotes from folks across the coworking lands, and multiple members of our community at Indy Hall.

Nice work to everyone involved :slight_smile: Links & descriptions below.

Now, if only we could get them to dehyphenate…anybody have a contact at the AP?


**BizJournals Philadelphia - cover story! **

**Also, this bonus “behind the scenes” of the interview I gave includes a 3000 word transcript, direct copy/paste, from my exchange with the author. **

My hope is that more people can get a taste for how I respond to questions in a way that helps the journalist tell a story for when you talk with the press. When you just blurt out an answer and hope for the best, ALL articles about coworking suffer.

Success Magazine

This one made me laugh when I got the call for an interview back in the fall. “What an obnoxious name for a magazine”. But I was pleasantly surprised with such a community-centric article. Even if it’s got a few weird ‘bloops’ in it, it’s well cited from a variety of sources, which I love.

As an aside, Larry Keller, the author of this piece, even visited Indy Hall. Afterwards, he called me to say “I’ve never been in a workplace that felt so right, so welcoming before. It was like walking into someone’s cozy home, but clearly way more productive. You clearly weren’t making up the stuff you said on the phone.”


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