Founder CodeBase Coworking Charlottesville VA

Hello Everyone;

My name is Rob Archer. I am opening a coworking space in Charlottesville, VA. This space is part of a larger commercial building that is currently under construction. I am looking forward to collaborating ideas and best practices.

Rob, were you at the GCUC conference in Denver. I met someone there that shared that he was opening a space.

Hi, Rob! I’m Joe with InnoVault Coworking Space in Winchester, VA. Congrats on your new space and we should plan to meet up sometime and share strategies. Glad to have you here in this group.

Hello Mindy,
Yes I was. We did meet; TechTown correct? Lets connect as your schedule permits [email protected] com. Best!!

Hello Joe!

Thanks for reaching out. Would love to share strategy’s; working on proformas now. Lets connect directly as your schedule permits [email protected] com.