Flu Clinic

Has anyone hosted a flu clinic at their space? Curious if it’s possible, what it costs, whether it was well-received, etc. Thanks!

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I was thinking of the same thing. Lots of members here are interested, but I have no clue what the cost would be. It’s a bit late for 2019, but planning for 2020.

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Thanks for your reply! I’ll ask around and update this post if I learn more.

We haven’t explicitly done this BUT we’re working on a relationship with a local Direct Primary Care office (in the United States, this is a way to access a doctor outside of the insurance system by paying the doctors’ office directly with a monthly fee, like subscribing to netflix).

I’m quite confident that if all of that goes through, hosting a flu clinic will likely be a part of that in the future. Depending on how you arrange things, you’re likely to find that there is NO cost to you or even your members, since these offices are often looking for venues to distribute flu vaccines.

Given the fact that our spaces are potential breeding grounds for exchange of the flu among people who don’t NEED to leave home, doing this sort of thing feels a bit like a “carbon offset” type effort to undo the potential damage :joy: I think it’s a great idea.

This is a great idea and Alex, we should chat soon! I’m part of a membership-based practice and we offered our members at Rock Candy Rock Med and hope to offer our city members access to a similar model in 2020!