Finding a good market for a coworking space

Hey everyone!

Just joined this group - looks awesome and happy to see so much collaboration going on around coworking.

My name is Dylan Hoffman, and I’m interested in starting a coworking space back in the U.S.! (something a lot of folks are clearly doing). I will be returning in May from a year spent traveling the world, where I visited 20+ coworking spaces across over a dozen countries. Hoping that myself and my partners can use this experience to put something together that is truly engaging and rewarding for our community.

My question for all you coworking space owners - what factors do you consider when picking a new area to build a coworking space? What elements (population density, start-up activity, local infrastructure, noteworthy terrain, etc.) tell you whether a specific area would be conducive to coworking (or not)? Looking for more quantitative/specific elements if possible.

Neither myself nor my team are tied to a specific city back in the US - this is just something we are passionate about creating (if it makes sense)!! Right now, the cities/areas we are looking at closely include: Detroit, San Diego, Ashenvale (Colorado), Sacramento, Seattle, Chicago, and surrounding areas of these major cities.

Any information you can provide would be awesome - we are in the ‘market testing’ phase, and want to be as informed/diligent as possible during this process.