Facebook page of the book on coworking

Hi, Coworking friends.

Three of the coworking spaces owner in Tokyo (PAX Coworking,

OSS Cafe, Hatch Coworkin) were invited by Seoul Metropolitan Government
and attended the Conference on Social Innovation. Now they have 7

Coworking spaces but many people are trying to open. I will later share
the report after being published.

By the way, one year has passed since we published the English version
of the book on Coworking on Kindle. And we opened a new facebook page

about this book yesterday. We will put all the documents on this page.


I and coauther (Kenichi Nakaya, Yutaka Fujiki) wrote our experience of
the concept and short history of the coworking in Japan. I hope the

documents on this page will of your help.

If you want to read it through immediately, you can also get this book here:



PAX Coworking, Tokyo