Experienced Community Manager looking for position in Los Angeles area


My name is Chris Mann and I am currently the Community Manager for Wayfare, a coworking space in Costa Mesa, CA. My wife got a great job in LA and we’d love to move closer to the city. I’d love to to continue my career in coworking because I believe that it’s the best and most effective way for people to work and to be in community with others.

I’ve been with Wayfare since the beginning- when it was just a concept. As a result, I was highly involved in the process of writing our playbook, revenue model, lead generation strategies and community building.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a Community Manager, please email me and I can send over my resume.

Thanks so much!

Chris Mann

[email protected]

Chris hit me up at [email protected].

Melissa Wyatt

Hey Chris,

Please get in touch if Long Beach is of interest!

[email protected]

Thanks so much for the helpful emails and the wonderful recommendations. I'm joining the crew at Bizhaus in Marina Del Rey! I love what they're doing there and I can't wait to get started.
Looking forward to connecting with all of you in the Silicon Beach area.