Existing access control integration

Hello all,
I’m investigating integrations and access control and I’m stuck on understanding what exactly we are able to do with access control. Our building already has electric strikes installed hooked up to an “Aiphone” two-way communication/buzzer interface. We were planning to reuse this hardware to integrate with an RFID access control system.
So far the only “integrations” I see coworking software supporting are the cloud based Kisi/Salto solutions. I already have a server and, the hardware and the wiring in place so I’d rather keep my access control off the cloud. Are there any software solutions that would integrate with an offline access control system? Has anyone successfully set one up?

Melissa, who owns Cowork Waldo in Kansas City, has an rfid system that she purchased once so it is not subscription based. I thought I knew where to look for the name of it but I’m not finding the right thread.

Here is the contact form for her https://www.coworkwaldo.com/contact-us/https://www.coworkwaldo.com/contact-us/