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Hi Coworkers!

I’ve been trolling the internet to offer my space for events, but most of them occur in the evening hours. Does anyone have daytime event ideas? Obvious food offerings, in house conversations… What are your experiences with that?

Many thanks!

Hey, Mona!

Some daytime events I can think of would be:

  1. Member Lunch
  2. Lunch & Learns
  3. Community Yoga

Proximity Connect did a Coworking Community Call on the “Top 50 Coworking Space Events” if you want to check it out for additional ideas: https://proximity.wistia.com/medias/42njwezld7

Best of wishes!


Hi Mona, I just posted a podcast episode about creating an effective member event program. All suggestions are for daytime events :slight_smile:


Heya! Great question, and an important one for communities who cater to all kinds of member profiles.

Here’s a few examples (off the top of my head) of great day-time activities I’ve seen from/with/in the hundreds of coworking spaces I get to work with:

  • Lunch-and-learns - bring in thought leaders ( or give a member the chance ) to share something interesting over a catered lunch.
  • Industry coffee meetups - there’s a huge group of folks who work from home or coffee shops who also need to get home/somewhere in the evenings. Hosting meetups for these folks (and on topics that interest your members) is a great win-win strategy.
  • Hackathons and training sessions - depending on the tech industry around your space, hackathons and training sessions gives folks an opportunity to try out new skills/tech and associate that learning and experience with your brand.

I’m also a big fan of taking activities up one notch, like interactive group lunches, healthy activities like morning yoga and possibly mid-day pitchdeck karaoke (and recently wrote a little about each of these here).


I was going to recommend Jamie Russo’s recent podcast, so glad she linked to it already!

We also keep all of our members informed of events on the home screen of the Cowork Tahoe mobile app. They can receive announcements & RSVP for events there as well. That way, we get one more way to engage our current members & attract new ones without directing them off our branded platform.

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We are big big fans of pot-lucks at Creative Density. In fact we are having one tomorrow and we do them every two to three weeks.

We call them 'We Top a…(salad / taco / burger).

The space provides the base of the meal and then people are responsible for a topping, a fancy bun, side dish, etc. Together we create an amazing buffet of food.

Big bonus: Since people are participating with a food item there is an instant new topic for people to talk about. This makes it easy for new people to get folded into the larger community.