Digital marketing for coworking spaces

Hi Everyone!

I’m a cofounder of a small-ish (40 active members) coworking office in Austin. Right now I’m working on getting my google adwords and analytics certifications with the hope of being able to start doing some digital marketing consulting on the side. We haven’t set a firm budget yet, but I can probably spend a couple hundred a month on advertising, and I’m wondering what campaigns others have seen success with. Our main draw is that the office is a good deal cheaper than the big coworking chains that are dominating the area right now, and it’s in a trendy location with modern design. My initial thought is that it would make the most sense to put most of our effort into adwords targeting people looking in our general area as well as some money into facebook and instagram ads that show off the space.

Hey Jensen,

You have to be very careful with Google Adwords. I’m in Denver which is announcing a new coworking space every two weeks and competition is high.I just spent $150 in a single day because are CPC is around $25 when search for offices. Granted, this can be very valuable if you hit the right person but you have to know that it will take a lot of money. You might want to look into cheaper keywords or work with a company that might be able to position you to have lower CPC, but it sounds like you are doing that yourself.

For ads, my bounce rate is twice as high compared to organic search.

If I was spend money on ads I would focus more on Facebook with my CPC as low as $0.60. I can get 100 people to check out my site for $60 versus the two to three for Google. Yes, the Google traffic is targeted but the numbers are so much less. Test it out and let us know what you find.