Developing a CoWork culture in Tier2 city of India :)

Developing a CoWork culture in Tier2 city of India :slight_smile:

Hi Leaders,

I am a founder of VaSudha CoWork, which is a cowork in Tier@ city of Ranchi Jharkhand, we are trying to develop this concept to promote developing young youths, female oriented work culture, & to support Sr. citizen to live and grow their business.

Please find following Unique data points of our coworking space…

• We give more importance and privileges to a Female & Handicap driven start-ups, companies “Meet UP” groups.

• We give special privileges to those start-ups who would be working/developing products, services or both for child education, women safety, medical technology like BioCips, crime detection and prevention products/software’s services etc…

• We are focusing more on providing one hour meeting room for young generations to conduct meetings, seminars, workshops for development of start-ups, development of skills for the youth of Jharkhand - per weekends free of cost.

• Special discounts to all those students who would be coming from institutes like Xavier college, XISS, BIT Mesra for starting and establishing start-ups or would be interested to be an entrepreneur.

• We will help setting-up IT infrastructure LABS on commodity hardware’s and open source software’s for SoHo’s, Start-ups, SMB’s, NGO’s (Nationally / Internationally spread NGO’s) or other agencies like UNICEF/Doctors without borders, UNDP etc…

• Invite Sr. industry Leaders, corporate professionals, legal & compliance advisers into our Co-work to help, mentor and nurture the early stage “Would-be STARTUP’s”

• Will try to incubate an environment for those students who all are from local polytechnics institutes (who only produces “Diplomas”) & may not be getting enough support (not limited to) in establishing early stage cottage industries.

• Job opportunity: As we will grow, will see the feasibility to use our remaining space of the Ground floor & later first floor into co-working, which will help in generating job opportunity for local citizens.


• We conduct free workshops for mid-aged, and Sr. Citizens on how to be secure and wisely use latest technology gears, smartphones, smart home equipment’s, CCTV cameras, how to manage and operate their personal bank accounts, how to reach out to Cyber Crime cells & maintain their privacy etc

Kindly feel free in communicating with me and let me know if I can do something better to improve my services to citizens?



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