Desk signage denoting occupied/unoccupied spaces?

I’m looking for some kind of signage that I can place/mount/hang on desks and mobile workspaces that denote whether a space is available for anyone to work at. I ask because when a desk is not taken by one of my Dedicated Desk members, I open it up to anyone, regardless of membership level, to work from if they choose. Unfortunately, some of my Dedicated members are quite minimal when it comes to their equipment, so there has been some confusion over what desks are occupied and what are not, including one awkward “collision” a couple weeks ago that required a Dedicated member to kick someone out of their spot, while I was out of the office. Thankfully the person was kind and understanding, but annoyed that it wasn’t more clear which desks they could work from.

My ideas:

  • A “reverse caution cone” that I can place on a desk that would denote “open for anyone!” - that way I don’t have to clutter up Dedicated folks’ desks with an “OCCUPIED” sign, but I fear that the caution cone shape would have the opposite effect, even if it’s not orange. This idea has the benefit of being able to be placed no matter the furniture and style of workspace.
  • C-channel sign holders to go on the front edge of each desk, with either an “unoccupied” sign or the name of the member at that desk. I’m not the biggest fan of this idea because I’ve cut myself on one of these before, while sliding something across a desk I was working at.
  • A sign mounted to the wall above the back edge of the desk. This just doesn’t seem aesthetically pleasing, and would be distracting in front of one’s vision while working at the desk, in my opinion at least.

Any feedback or other ideas?