Damisi's intro, saying hi ffrom Lagos

Hi All,

My names are Oludamisi Olukayode Kuku from Lagos, in Nigeria. I just joined this forum today. I’m glad and so happy to be here in the group. I look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship here, where plenty of great minds in coworking business are available.

I am planning to setup a co-working business of my own in Lagos. I will require your assistance, guidance and will appreciate your candid, valuable advises on the process from all learned members of this great forum.

Cheers, and Have a nice day.


Hi Oludamisi,

Welcome to the coworking group.

I work for a company called Alliance Virtual Offices (www.alliancevirtualoffices.com). We specialize in providing new clients to coworking and shared workspace companies. I’d like to chat with you further about your new coworking facility. Would you be willing to send me an email at [email protected] so that we can engage in a conversation via email and possibly set up a video chat?

Thank you & best wishes,
Nathan Jansch