CoworkInn Dahab - Coworking Space in Egypt

Hello everyone and a happy new year.

I am Mira and I want to introduce myself, my Coworking Space in Egypt and I want to ask you some questions. :slight_smile:

This year 2016 a Dream come true for me. I do open the CoworkInn Dahab at the 15. of February and I am really excited.

Dahab is my paradise, my place of peace. It is so relaxing and full of energy. For me the perfect place for a Coworking Space.

And in Dahab you can do a lot of activities. Scuba Diving, Freediving, Tec-Diving, Yoga, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Climbing and amazing dessert tours.

But because I just gonna open the Space, I want to know more about your individual needs and things you would love to have in a Coworking Space or in that community. I want to build a really nice place for everyone with a great community. So that many more people feel home and very very happy in Dahab.

So what kind of things would make a coworking space perfect for you?

I was thinking also to do some special camps. Like a Co-Dive Camp, Co-Kite Camp, Co-Climb Camp or a Co-Yoga Camp? What do you think about that? So more people with the same interests would be there.

Or what else would you like to have in your perfect Coworking Space? Special Workshops? Or if you would come to Dahab for working you would like to do more fun things? I dont know :wink: please tell me :wink:

Maybe you also have time to have a look at the website (… maybe you can tell me what for informations do you miss!?

I am very very happy for any help and any advice.

Thank you very very much and I wish you all a perfect year 2016 and that your dreams come true too.

Lovely greetings Mira