Coworking things you may have missed last week (w7 2021)

This week we cover how almost 100k employees get coworking access, supporting the homeless, infinite choices, built-in altruism, the creator-economy opportunity and other coworking links you may have missed this week.

Shared here on the forum to enable and promote asynchronous conversations about any of the topics and trends summarized.

:newspaper: Coworking updates.

:bank: Almost 100,000 bank employees getting coworking global access.

Standard Chartered have recently announced that they’ve begun a flex workspace trial with IWG .

The 12-month deal was originally announced in January but the Hong Kong trial kicked off this month where 6,000 employees can access 16 locations under the Regus , Spaces and Signature brands.

The overall deal gets all of the bank’s employees access to over 3,500 locations.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Berlin coworking space opens to help the homeless stay warm.

The German Coworking Federation shared how juggleHUB ‘s founders made a decision to open up their space to provide space for homeless folks to get warmed up, get a free hot drink and access a clean toilet.

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:chart_with_downwards_trend: Offices, infinite choices and scalable occupations.

Dror Poleg shared a thought-provoking piece looking into the effects that infinite choices and scalable occupations could have on the workspaces of the world.

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:bulb: Hong Kong space builds altruism into their business model.

Amy and Rasheed Shroff share their founding story and the eco-conscious designs of their space Banyan Workspace in Hong Kong.

What I love is how 2% of monthly fees are allocated to a partnered local charity of the members’ choice.

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:house_with_garden: Opportunity of the first home-based Industrial Revolution.

Brianne Kimmel from Worklife shared an insightful newsletter about how the next wave of entrepreneurs will form and build their ideas from kitchen tables and home offices with spouses, family members or find co-founders entirely virtually.

This growing creator-based economy is a huge opportunity. Even if businesses are founded, built and launched from kitchen tables, nearby coworking spaces could soon become the meeting and melting pots for these new business operators.

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:uk: 6 providers share key trends on UK flex workspace market.

Lee Elliot , from Knight Frank , caught up with six flex workspace providers ( The Argyll Club , MYO , WeWork , , Storey and The Office Group ) about the trends they see shaping the future of flex provisioning.

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:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: 5 opportunities for execs to usher in a golden age for workers.

Dr. Marie Puybaraud (Global Head of Research at JLL ) makes the case to executive leaders for deploying a hybrid model, in a World Economic Forum agenda post.

According to their research one in 3 employees want renewed collab practices, less dense workspaces, and more digital interactions where possible.

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:handshake: Coworking consolidation.

:bar_chart: Majority stake in female focussed coworking brand changes hands.

According to Bloomberg , IWG have acquired a majority stake in The Wing , and injected capital into the chain to facilitate growth.

This follows the fairly recent news that The We Company sold off their minority stake in the brand.

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:card_index_dividers: Chicago hub absorbs another tech-support organization.

1871 announced that they’re acquiring the assets and IP of Catapult, but not their real estate. This follows an acquisition of Illinois Technology Assoc. a year ago.

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:computer: Coworking technology.

Urbanimmersive share a video demo of their immersive 3D tour & discussion tech. Whilst not built just for coworking spaces, it could provide an interesting alternative to Zoom-based virtual tours.

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The next quarterly ProptechUpdate challenge goes out next week, and invites can be requested via the Coworking Software Questions facebook group.

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:studio_microphone: Coworking conversations.

Bernie Mitchell chats with… erm… me, Hector Kolonas . We chat all about this newsletter, it’s origins, the discussions that follow.

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Steve Todd and Neil Usher discuss the future workplace, the triple bottom line (people, organization and the planet) and how to optimize for them.

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Jamie Russo dives into how and why coworking spaces need to build a customer acquisition machine.

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:calendar: Coworking events.

23 Feb: Designing for member re-entry by GCUC UK.

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24 Feb: International conversation about the February Coworking IDEA challenge.

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25 Feb: Making a strong impact with your local coworking space event by London Coworking Assembly and friends.

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26 Feb: “ Using Clubhouse to promote your coworking space ” Coworking Convo event.

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15 Apr: “ Coworking Symposium ” joint scholarly & industry half-day conf. on coworking & flex workspaces.

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