Coworking space for Digital nomads in Montenegro

Hey guys! Hope you are well. I’ve started a super exciting project called Montenegro Tower with focus on creating a Coworking space during the day and a bar with live music in the evening.

Let me know what you think about the plans and hopefully I can welcome you in person by the end of the year already :slight_smile: This new video covers the most important basics and also let you be part of the project by planting a tree!

My idea is to have the Coworking run from 7AM to 6PM, then open a bar with live music at 7PM in the tower. Workers working in different timezones can use external buildings and meeting rooms to keep working when the bar opens. Guests can enjoy a pool, lovely views, the tranquility of the location as well as a gym, wine cellar and at some point even a sauna and jacuzzi! I will also have some accomodation, but not sure how much of it I will offer for tourists on Booking dot com and how much Ill offer for coworkers.

Would love to hear your feedback on it! Also, some of you ever thought of working from Montenegro? Its a beautiful place for sure :slight_smile:

Some more notes:

  • No other Coworking space around in the city of Bar as of now. They had one 3 years ago run by Americans but it is closed for good.

  • Montenegro will invest into Digital Nomads, offering Visas for them etc and advertise it in general. That program should start next year and will be super helpful for my project!

  • For any updates, feel free to follow the page at Montenegro Tower


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The website is now ready with pricing, detailed infos and timelines for upcoming features.

If you are interested in the progress, head over to montenegrotower. com and sign up for the newsletter there!