Coworking Pop Ups in your town?

Hi coworking friends.

In early 2018 I was tired of working alone and much preferred to work alongside a supportive/interactive group of cool people. So I began organizing coworking pop ups at local bars and restaurants in Doylestown, PA.

I found that there was a solid contingent of entrepreneurs and remote workers in the area who also had a need for a coworking community. Within a few months of starting those pop ups, I had some conversations, found a space to lease, and by June 2018 I opened Stacks Co. with 10 members in 2700 SF.

We’ve since grown to 75 members and expanded to 4,000 SF with an awesome atmosphere that has been inspired by and designed around the needs of those members.

I think the same can happen in any community.

I’d love to chat and help anyone who would want to organize coworking pop ups in their town.

Get in touch or connect me with anyone else you know who would be keen to give it a go! Message here or drop me an email at [email protected]


Hi, Jonny!

We’ve been running a pop-up in a small town in Kent, UK. We’re planning a second venue nearby to open in September. We’ve used two pubs as our venues. They both have under-utilised space during the week so we hope that this will benefit the venues, too. We are trying to grow our community while we work on our own permanent home.

I think we’re fairly unusual as our aim is to bring coworking to the countryside. We are in negotiations with a farmer to make use of one of his barns to be converted into a flexible workspace with hot desks and self-contained offices. Since we know this will take time, we wanted to offer our growing community something sooner, so the pop-ups seem to be a great way to do this. I’d love to learn more about your experience and how you built your community. It sounds like you’re doing a great job!

Our website is

Would love to chat whenever you have some time.

Best of luck with everything!