Coworking Plus in Odense, Denmark

Hi all!

My name is Magnus Løv, and I am currently an intern at Coworking Plus in Odense!
At the moment, I study a master’s in Business Administration with a focus on brand management and marketing communication.

My internship includes tasks in communication and marketing, which take up most of my time, but I have also received the task of thinking innovative and new!

In this context, I am always looking for new ideas for creating a better community and increase our branding!

We have just been nominated as one of the finalists for the Nordic Startup Awards as the only coworking space outside of Copenhagen!

You can seen our website here: (It is all in Danish, but we are working on an English version)

Let me know if you have any feedback or comments!


Hi Magnus,

very nice…

It give´s a very modern, but friendly impression.

I don´t like that I have to search for the BOOK button, getting in contact…

Not easy to find.

What management software you are using for your space?

Is it integrated?

How the printing is handheld?

How access to doors and time checking?

Thank you so much for the comments!

We have the “book en tour” on the top of the page on all pages, to contact us and book a tour of the coworking space.

Currently, we have no management software integrated, but we are working on implementing OfficeRnD. This will probably go live in the new year.
When it is integrated, we can integrate a keyless system, so we can see who are in the building and how long. At the moment we only have longer leases and no day pass users, but hopefully, we will get it in the future!