Coworking Market Research - Startup

Dear Co-workers;
I am working on market research about co-working business for my new startup. First of all let me introduce myself.

  • I have been working 8 years as a Product Manager.

  • What is my focus? I have been develop different product all around the Mobility. i have developed Smartphones, Mobile apps and SaaS products.

  • Currently i am working on my own startup to develop a product for Co-workers.

Let me tell you about what i did till now!.. What is the next?

Stage 1: Start to Research;

  1. I have started search coworking spaces in my country and there are few new spaces. There are 4-5 coworking spaces open since 2012. The business model almost the same but is more private office focused spaces exist in market. So i have check global market and USA market are growing very fast therefore i buy a ticket and come SF to start market research (If someone interested in open new coworking space my country please send me pm)

  2. Arrived SF on month ago… So have visited 10 different spaces till now. Each coworking spaces has different way to solve their problems but %80 problem are the same. I had a interview coworking space operation manager and owners as well. Finally i have information which is bigger then nothing…

Stage 2: Analysis and documentation

  1. I have created a report about coworking spaces main problems (%80). This research cost me a lot but it will be most valuable data on my hand before i start. I am working on a document which is brainstorm to real product features right now.

  2. I am not a dreamer so i believe numbers for instance i need carefully about prioritize the features which can solve co-workers problem in a unique way. Finally i decided to build a module based solution which help us to move fast into the market. There are 5 category (module) to adresed solve coworkers problem.

  3. Right now! i just started to create a pitch deck for my own startup. (that’s really stressfull) Please help me to find out more data or share with me your own information via private message (we can sign NDA)


  1. What is per customer LTV?

  2. What’s avg. occupancy in the for each coworking place?

  3. What’s market size(volume)? There are few information but it’s just about how many coworking spaces opened till know and market forecast? I need to know what is the coworking Target market size?

  4. How much cost for acquire per user (private office, shared desk, dedicated desk)?

  5. How much spend for coworking operations and management? For example: You gain $400/month(avg.) per a member so %2 spend for service + %2 for management + %25 for operation)

Stage 3: What is next?

  1. Start develop and execute the product with strong team.

  2. Test run with early users. (within 3 months)

  3. Beta test(MVP) with who subscribe in our system (1 months after test run)

  4. Official release will be available for world wide (Language: ENG)

***Welcome to join the survey:

p.s.: I am really open to discuss everything so please leave your email in survey i will contact with you to share more information.

***BONUS: I can give the product 6 months for free who can help me and share comments.



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