Coworking Management System - Beta Testing

Hey guys, I’m Higor Lacerda, founder of a coworking software start-up, I’m not here to sell my software. I’m looking for professional coworking managers to be part of my software testers, by using it on a real daily work basis.

My current software has 3 products.

  1. Coworking Management System:
    Currently, we have these modules running, Multi-Venue Management, Services Management, Bookings Management, Leads Management, Deals & Opportunities, Customer Relationship Management, Electronic Document Management, Invoicing & Payment System, Banking Conciliation, and Reports & Analytics.

Note: We have an Omnichannel Chat module under development.

  1. Spaces & Services Marketplace:
    If you enable your service to be displayed on our marketplace, we will advertise it for you, and see just earn anything once we sell it for you.

  2. Workspaces Membership:
    We will offer a membership for end-users, and every time that they use your spaces through our platform, we pay you!

Please, feel free to ask any questions, and if you want to have a call, please reach out!


Can you tell more about Workspace membership?

I have been looking for a complete system for a long time. I want to participate in the tests.

Sounds Good, Mr. Chiarotti, I look forward to starting working with you.

After all the testing step is passed, we will give 6 months for free, as gratitude for the feedback.

Sure, Tanja.

As a complete coworking solution, once our management system clients start using our software to manage their space, we have a functionality that they will publish their space and services into our marketplace, where the end-users will be able to search for them a hire them whenever they need.

So then comes our Workspace membership, we will be selling this space network to companies and professionals that need your services, and once they apply to use any of the coworking assets, like an open desk or meeting room, for example, we will be paying the coworking owner for it.

Everything is already automated, just at the onboarding time we need to do the commissioning agreement between my start-up and the coworking.

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Hello Lacerda,

Thank you for your software
test proposal.

I am interested in using your software to start my virtual co-working spaces called »One Stop German Space« and »MyGermanSpace«.

Thank you for welcoming me aboard!

Best Regards

One Stop German Space

Great I will tag my team dealing with Espacio coworking en Granada so they can follow this topic and may use it. Thank you!

Thank you very much, Tanja, whenever you can, I would be more than happy to show you my software.

I appreciate that, thank you!

Can we schedule a presentation, so I can you everything?

Hey, One Stop German Space, can you send me your email? So I can create your credentials?

Hey Tanja, can you send me your email? So I can create your credentials?

ere is my email: [email protected]

Thanks, Tanja, we are finalizing the production change, I will let you know when we are ready to test it out.