Coworking in Siem Reap (Angkor), Cambodia

I’ve been a silent reader but I wanted to say HELLO COWORKING

My name is Jeff and couple of months ago, after months of backpacking and trying to be a digital nomad, I’ve started the AngkorHUB project.

Location - Location - Location.

We are 2 minutes walk from the famous Pub Street and 6.5 km away from the Angkor Wat Temple.

The building provide power generator for the frequent power outages during raining season as well as A/C, which is useful at 40C :slight_smile:

From digital nomads to expats, our members love coworking here.

The community is still starting and I may ask many questions, so I’ve decided to introduce myself :slight_smile:



AngkorHUB Coworking Siem Reap @angkorhub