Coworking Doctors Live Streamed Session at Coworking Europe 2017 (Dublin)

Coworking Europe 2017 will host a Coworking Doctors live streamed session, on November 10th, in Dublin.
You can send a question specific to your situation prior to the conference to one of our five “Coworking doctors”.
- A personal issue with your space?
  • An opportunity for your company you don’t know how to handle ?
  • The need for a specific advise ?
The experts will answer based on their respective fields of expertise.
Check out the Coworking Doctors list as well as how to fill in your question by clicking on this link.
Similar questions might be put together.
Deadline for sending : Nov 5th.
The live streamed session will take place in November 10th, from 10AM to 12AM (Dublin Time).

Stay tuned.