Coworking Design Study!

Hello Coworkers! I am a master’s student at the London School of Economics just beginning my dissertation research study on coworking space design. Currently, I am seeking out participants to share their experiences and/or thoughts about building community in coworking spaces! I’d love to hear from anyone who has ever made use of coworking spaces for their work life needs, whether it be for starting up a company, freelancing, networking/socializing, working remotely, or simply finishing up loose tasks. If you’d be willing to chat, please let me know!

Hi Rebecca,

I am marketing executive at TheDesk coworking space. How may I be of any assistance to you.

Muahmamd Irshad

Hi Muhammad,

Great to hear from you! My specific interest is in how community and collaboration happens (or not) in coworking spaces, and how this might be facilitated or restricted by the physical design and layout of the space. From a marketing executive perspective, I’d be interested in what the space offers to its users (such as community-building and networking), and how it might go about achieving this. If you’d be willing to discuss this topic with me further, please send me an email at rebecca.yen10101 at gmail.