Coworking Day 2020 - global crowdsourced video, and beyond

This year for Coworking Day we want to begin sharing videos about the impact that the coworking movement is making around the world.

To get involved pop over to this page, pick a question, record a horizontal video and complete the form to submit it.

We cannot wait to see, and share, your stories.

Whilst the deadline to be in the first video (to be released to cooincide with the 15th Coworking Day on the August 9th) is midnight EDT tonight, you can keep submitting your videos for the next ‘episodes’ too.

You can also read my thoughts on why Coworking Day 2020 is all about YOU here.

A quick follow up to this. Due to the quantity of videos received, and the insights shared, the deadline has been removed.

Instead the single video, will now become a series, accepting rolling submissions, and telling the continuous stories of how coworking is making an impact around the world.

The first video should still be released on Coworking Day.

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