Coworking + Childcare convos?

I feel like this one comes up often enough…do we think it’s worth it’s own category?

One example here, and I’ll be sure to add more to this thread as I find them.

For now I’ve been putting them in models and profitability, but I do think there’s enough people seeking out info specifically on this type of model.


Would that fit into a larger category of:

  • coworking // childcare
  • coworking // coliving
  • coworking // cafe
  • coworking // gym
  • coworking // crypto

And all the other crossover categories

Hm - yeah I’ve been putting these in #business-operations:models-profitability too.

I’m hesitant to create a specific category JUST for one model of the many! Especially since Discourse will do a much better job of making past posts discoverable and it will recommend existing threads any time someone starts a new post with those topics.

For now, I think it makes sense to keep putting it into models & profitability, and but I’m keeping a note about how we might handle this for future category refactoring :smiley: Great catch!