Coworking around Austin + City-Wide Coworking Day Event Ideas or Feedback?

Hi Friends!

Now that my 2 coworking spaces are up and running in Chicago, I’m focusing on growing Deskpass, a multi-city coworking membership that allows people to try out different spaces to find the best one for them, or to accommodate people who travel often or just like to move around. As a space owner, I’m on a mission to get everyone to know about coworking, and try it for themselves, and so far we’ve had good traction with getting people into the coworking funnel (about 85% of our members are trying coworking for the first time).

We just launched Deskpass in Austin and have almost 15 awesome spaces on the platform.

We’re looking for any influencers, media, or other awesome people & companies in the Austin area and are happy to give them a free membership, to help drive traffic to all the spaces. So if you have any ideas, or know anyone in that area please contact me directly at: [email protected]

Also: one of the spaces is already organizing a city-wide coworking day in Austin in September, which I think is a great idea so if anyone has done an event like this I’m wondering if you have any feedback or suggestions on how to make it successful, how to promote, possible collaborations, sponsors, etc.

Thanks everyone!