Coworking Alliances & Economic Development

I’ve been hired by the State of Maine to coordinate a new group of all the coworking and maker spaces in the State, with the goal of ensuring their success, and also supporting economic development in the state.
I’d like to meet others who are working either with regional or state alliances of coworking spaces, and/or at the intersection of coworking and economic development / government.
Liz Trice
[email protected]

Heya @Liz-PelotonLabs and welcome to the forum!

So awesome to hear how Maine is embracing coworking and maker spaces.

I work with and/or support a few (some may say a few too many) regional or topic-driven alliances here in North America and across the world. As a big believer in the local economic and psychological impact that coworking spaces make, I’m always looking to help more alliances come together and support the growth of sustainable entrepreneurial hubs.

Whilst we’re already connected here on the forum, and I’d be happy to get involved and help with any topics/questions/concerns you want to share here, you can also find me on social channels or via my website.

Once again, welcome and thanks for supporting local coworking!

cc’ing other coworking alliance enablers (off the top of my head) for ya:
@Jeannine @BernieJMitchell @AshleyProctor wanna say hi and tag some other alliance-leaders?

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That is an exciting project and congrats on the new job. Way to go Maine! Hector did a great job responding and he and the people he mentioned are great to work with.

Here in BC we have Coworking BC and in Seattle we have The Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance. Both are rather informal although at Coworking BC we have gone so far as to register as a nonprofit.

As for economic development overlap you might want to look into Innisfil Accelerates in Ontario. That is a project my partner and I worked on last year together with the town of Innisfil. Their goal is to get people to stay in town and not commute to Toronto. Let me know and I’d be happy to facilitate an introduction.

Are there other economic development people listening? I’m excited to see more of these kinds of projects getting traction.

Jacob Sayles
Kanawha Design Studio

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