Co-working for small towns - villages

Hello all,
We are about 15 to 20 SCORE volunteer business mentors in Central Virginia. We want to encourage co-working spaces in small towns and villages in our large 8 county area. I’m here to get ideas on how to help local business people start-up small co-working spaces. The big issue around here is connectivity. Many small businesses in this area cannot even do zoom because of lack of bandwidth. Anyway… hopefully things will improve.
Best Regards,
Donald Jennings - Chairman Central Virginia SCORE

Don’t worry about bandwidth Donald, Starlink will be available shortly in any rural location, at good cost and with latency almost on par with fibre.:raised_hands: In fact can’t you already get on the beta waitlist? (I understand there should be just about enough sats around your latitude by now.) Though if their business plan doesn’t work out, the sats will be falling out the sky without any replacements in a few years.

Rural coworking recently resurfaced on my radar and as I’m nowadays more involved in destinational coliving it occurred to me that many such rural coworking spaces may be missing a trick in terms of sustainability and opportunity. Consider folks trapped in pandemic-ridden metros, with newly remote roles. Many will jump at workations to escape, if only it were well packaged. One doesn’t necessarily need great outdoors, just a friendly rural locale, decent facilities and a ‘package deal’. Rural workations are the future. And being within reach of metros is obviously a benefit for targeting. :wink:

I think it would be a great idea. Especially for people that are getting to work in a big city from the countryside.