Cisco Meraki network needs new coworking home (for sale)

Hi Coworking World! (moderators, if this is not allowed, feel free to delete, but hopefully not!)

I have been the owner/operator for a space called Think Big Coworking in Kansas City, MO for the last 8 years. Think Big Coworking was recently were acquired by another local operator (Plexpod) – feel free to ping me if you want more details on that! Now, we are left with a Cisco Meraki network with 3 years of licenses left (prepaid). I’m trying to liquidate this and thought a soon-to-open/soon-to-expand shared space would be the perfect new home. We have quite a bit of equipment because we really wired up the place! 19 Access points, a firewall, 6 switches and all of the accessories. We also have three 55" Cisco TelePresence video conferencing units if anyone is interested in those! Holler at me if you think you might be interested in any or all of it! I can share more info directly on models, logistics, pricing, etc. Since we are liquidating, speed is key and I’m willing to offer low prices for 3 years of licenses.

BTW - for anyone wondering, I’m still with Think Big Partners and doing smart city advisory, workspace consulting, economic development consulting, etc. Loving every moment of the new ability to focus!

Sarah Fustine

[email protected]

816-842-5244, x104

402-238-8769 (mobile)