Ciao from Bologna, Italy!

Hi all!

I am Federica, from Bologna, Italy. Thank you so much for creating this amazing community, some of this forum’s posts are so inspiring they make me want to start travelling now just to visit some of the coworking spaces I discovered here and work from there.

Alas, I can’t leave right now, I work in a new coworking space here in the city center and - not to brag - they really need me here :sunglasses:

The coworking space I work at is Lo Spazio Coworking Bologna, a dynamic and modern space in the city centre of this stunning city. I am a true newbie to the world of coworking: I first heard of it a couple of years ago, and I got so passionate about it that I started working with my teammates to open a coworking space in our city.

The concept of coworking is not as widespread in Italy as it is in other countries, but a vibrant community of coworking spaces and coworkers is developing, so we’re all pretty excited and full of new ideas. We decided to open Lo Spazio because Bologna did not have a space as large as ours exclusively dedicated to coworking, before us. We built this space always keeping in mind values such as sustainability, flexibility and transparency. We always keep an open mind and enjoy meeting new people, so feel free to step by if you happen to be in Bologna, we’ll get to know each other while having a nice espresso together.

You can contact me at [email protected] I’d be so happy to meet you in person!


It’s my wife and my dream to move to Bologna (she is a chef!) :smiley:

welcome to the community here, and I’m so glad to hear you’re contributing to the city we’ll hopefully live in the future.

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How about we trade places! Then we can both travel!
:blush: I’m in Raleigh, North Carolina and opened Vibe Cary Coworking in March of this year.

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