Chris from Germany saying Hi

Hey guys, just signed up to your forum! Ive got some very exciting Coworking plans in Montenegro, is there any specific forum area to tell you guys more about it? I will open my Coworking space by late summer this year if everything goes well :slight_smile:


Hi Chris I recommend you:

I work as a community consultant and this is the best resource I found so far. If you need any specific advice, I offer you a free talk with me. Montenegro is awesome, not only the coastline, especially the mountains :slight_smile:

Thanks Nina,

I think I will be okay in terms of running the business, I was more out here to see if people would be interested in Coworking in Montenegro :slight_smile:

The additional material in the appendix (downloads hosted by the authors) look interesting and would probably provide halve of the book’s value - except they are not accessible from the kindle edition because there are no working links.

May! be the print version is better however the kindle shouldn‘t be recommended anymore.

Checked in here again, how is your coworking idea evolving?

There are some nice Hubs & coliving already existing, targeting mainly digital nomads (visa-free travelling since 2009) But I heard the start-up scene is growing as well since the EU is Montenegro’s biggest funding partner? Eventually, you could offer a support structure for applicants as a differentiation point.

All the best

Yes, the print version is definitely better since it gives you space to develop your own thoughts & ideas :slight_smile:


I will open the location in August and start with the Bar, the Coworking I will move to early next year because I will need more time to work on the ruin. Its a huge project and during the summer it gets too hot here for the workers to work, plus it gives me more time to plan and develop it all. But everyone can already come by in August to check out the location, you could also work in the Bar already or outside haha.

Right now I am working hard to release my website soon, I will gather all details on there once ready :slight_smile: