Central Texas

Greetings all,
My name is Wally Steadman and I am a Data Network Engineer. I live in the Killeen/Fort Hood area of Central Texas, but i work remotely for my employer who is located in Salt Lake City Utah. I started checking out the concept of coworking because I would love to have a place to go to work that is not my home office :). While I love the commute (about 8 seconds on a slow day), the lack of interaction with fellow professionals is what I miss the most. So in looking for a local coworker group, I found there were quite a few about 60 miles south in Austin, but I don’t really want to drive 120 miles a day to get the missed interaction, so I decided that maybe I would look into starting a coworking place in my local area. I have started doing the research and found myself here. So I look forward to reading and contributing (once I have something to contribute). What a great idea coworking is. And the thought of working around folks of many different professions seems like a fantastic networking opportunity.