Can a small space survive COVID (fall 2020)

So, we are empty except for 2 private office people. I wonder what the thought is for small (tiny) coworking spaces survival in this pandemic environment. Is there anyone out there who operates a small space (we have 10 open desks and 3 private offices) --It seems like there is no longer a calling for “hot desks”

We are a small space as well with pre-covid capacity of 25 (including 2 private offices), located in mid-town Toronto. we created a “tag-team” plan that allows any two people from the same household to share a hot desk plan. With work-from-home conditions less than ideal, parents / couples need focus space where there is not a Zoom call happening on the other side of the dining room table. Same price as a regular hot desk plan, just shared btwn two people. Interest has been high although we’ve only had two couples take it up officially. We also installed these cool desktop partitions made from recycled plastic bottles. We are now at our COVID capacity (ie 50% of pre-covid) with 13 paying members all of whom seem comforted by the measures we’ve taken so hopefully will ride out any increase in fall 2020 restrictions! Where are you located?

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Well it hasn’t been easy for us neither.

However, there is a hope that once the health situation is no more such a large risk factor, and / or once there is a general lassitude that develops around overreacting to the COVID crisis with some measures being taken to the extreme, there could be a return to coworking spaces.

At least that is what I hope. Not only for the sustainability of this business, but also, because the failure to recover from this would mean that there is such a shift in society where people live in a sort of constant health-oriented paranoia that simply bars them from engaging in most activities. I got started in this whole coworking sector thing because as a ‘freelancer’ I just cannot be at home and work from there all the time, it drives me crazy, and that’s probably the case for many others too.

Let’s expect the worst and hope for the best I guess!

Cheers and good luck to all of you!