Campus Deliveries - Coworking Office

Hi All,

This is an issue that won’t go away!

We are having quite a few problems with parcels and packages that arrive at the reception for our members. Recently a member received a package that was damaged. However, they are now requesting a refund from the delivery company as it was damaged during transit, but because our reception signed for the package we are now responsible and liable to pay the refund. At any one time, we could receive between 20 - 30 packages a day so it is very time consuming if we have to check each individual package we receive.

This is a service that we would like to continue to offer our members as it is a critical part of their daily operations…

Has anyone here experienced similar issues in the past? And would was this resolved? Ideally, we would like to remove all responsibility, but once we sign for a delivery this is ever difficult to achieve without each individual member coming to sign for each time they receive a package…

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


One tip I heard is to cross out the bit on their paper form that says “received in good condition” and write “counted not checked”
Sometimes couriers say you have to sign - so we’d just say “Well that’s going to take ages, do you want a cup of tea while we get it checked for you?” - and they’d go

Not sure how this works with electronic forms now though

Intrigued what others do