Camaroon women founders

hello ,
my name is Charlotte Horore i am coming from Cameroon and i want to create a coworking and collaborative space for women entrepreneurs
i thinks i can find help here to start my project.

Hello charlotte,
Hello Charlotte
Great to have you amongst us, yes more grease to your project, youll def find all the help you need in this group, and more. I myself use it alot when my partner and I decided to launch I/O spaces ( in silver spring, maryland to help African entrepreneurs grow thier startups. We have a spécial connection to cameroon too (we are both from there too)

Definately keep up with this group and read all the amazing post that the members ask, youll learn so much, and if there is anyway I can help too, dont hesistate to ask.

Hi Honore. My book The Coworking Handbook will help you set up and manage your coworking space:

Good luck!