Book on coworking and other forms of loosely organized work

Hi, all. Just a heads up that my book All Edge, about coworking and other forms of loosely organized work, will be published in March.

In 2008, Austin’s first coworking space, Conjunctured, opened and I began researching coworking in this city. Eventually, I visited a dozen coworking spaces in Austin and published one of the first scholarly articles on coworking spaces. But I also visited freelancers in their homes and shadowed SEO specialists to help me build a more comprehensive picture of how people are communicating, coordinating, and collaborating at work – and how coworking fits into this shift. All Edge is the result.

See what you think. I’ll also be at SXSW Interactive in March to talk about the book. CS

Clay: I’ve ordered the book and looking forward to reading it.