Be gentle, we are new here

Hi fella coworking forum members.

We would like to take this opportunity and introduce ourselves as Founders of the only coworking space in the beautiful City of Hereford, UK.

We are Louise and Mark Stevenson and have been Freelancing for many years and needed a space that we could go to and get away from the kitchen table. With no other spaces available in our area, we decided to open one up ourselves. So here we are, at 4-5 High Town Hereford HR1 2AA, with a building that is currently being upgraded to support all of our fellow coworking members to be opened in January 2020. We are extremely excited to get our doors open and welcome all.


Good Luck Louise and Mark! Very exciting and what an amazing location with the pedestrian square! I am sure you will do well. We opened in Jan this year in Toronto Canada and leading up to opening I found the coworking operator community so incredibly helpful, open and sharing. If you have not already, be sure to join GCUC UK… fantastic people and again, great resource…worth every pound :slight_smile: I just attended my first GCUC coworking conference and learned more in 3 days than I think the last 2 years and made some amazing connections.

Congratulations on making the leap into the coworking world. I hope you find it fulfilling and prosperous. Best wishes!

Hi Worklokaal and njansch…many thanks for your messages we are really looking forward to future of Work Here Ltd :):grinning: